What’s the process?

The short answer – just look at the session packages on this page, fill out the form on the contact page, and we can figure it out together.

The long answer:


fill out the contact form below

Take a look at some of my standard options below and see if any of them feel like a good fit. If you’re finding yourself wanting to take a next step – fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Let me know what you’re interested in and any questions you might have and I’ll get back to you asap.


tell me about you

If after answering your questions, you’d like to move forward, I’ll ask for a little more info. Depending on your needs and desires, I’ll send you a form to fill out so I can make sure I’ve got what I need to understand how to be most supportive of you. This will mean a few questions about your spiritual identity and journey and how you best connect with the Sacred. I hope it will also function as a meaningful beginning to your writing and reflection in this process.


onboarding a secure platform

I will get you set up on my secure platform where you can pay your advance invoices and message me with HIPAA level security. This separate platform also functions to provide a singular space for all our conversations and de-clutters the writing experience from the chaos of an email inbox.


I’ll write you an initial message

Based on your intake forms, I’ll kick off the conversation with a few questions. You can let them shape your message to me or disregard them altogether and bring whatever you have on your mind.


we will exchange messages

Depending on which package you signed-up for, our relationship may continue long term or revolve around a single, short-term time, question, or experience. You’re never obligated to add more sessions and as long as it’s feeling like a good fit to us both, I’m always down with considering an extended journey together.

session packages

at this time, I only offer written communication for spiritual direction. I’ve discerned this is what I need to show up well to people and welcome those who find the same suits their needs.

singular psychedelic exploration – $100

generally, 3 thorough exchanges back and forth to either spiritually prepare your intentions for an upcoming journey or engage in meaning-making following a psychedelic experience. you may set the timeline to suit your needs.


short-term discernment – $200

This is best for either someone wanting to explore this spiritual practice without a hefty commitment or those with a singular pressing question they’re seeking accompaniment through. Maybe you’re thinking about changing jobs, coming out, wrestling with one particular idea about god. I’ll invite you to craft a singular question for discernment that will guide our interactions.

We’ll exchange shorter emails 2 times a week for 3 weeks.

six months – deep companionship
$600 ($100/month)

this package is best for those looking to replicate a typical spiritual direction experience but through written communication.

our main exchanges will hold long pauses in between, with one in-depth exchange each month that will invite you to take time to craft your message and promises you I will do the same as I sit with your experience. I will also offer, if desired, an additional weekly prayer, blessing, oracle reading, written reading (poetry, quote, etc), or another contemplative offering.


Do you have something in particular in mind about the timing/format/objective of a written spiritual companionship exchange? I’m open to considering! share the details with me on the contact page and I’ll let you know if I feel I can offer it and at what price.

A few things I could imagine someone might hold: a desire to write to someone and receive minimal or no response, but know your words are being read, held, and kept in prayer/intention/care. a desire not to write but to receive a weekly email with some kind of spiritual resource tailored to you. maybe you’re a writer and you’re just looking for someone to read/engage your work with a certain kind of feedback. 

transparency on money and payment

Your financial contributions ensure I can protect the time and space in my life to show up to you well (and take care of relevant admin work).

The average spiritual direction session on zoom or in person ranges from $45-80. I’m serious about spending the same, if not more, time with/for you over written communication that I would offer if we met on zoom or in person. 

While I’m not able to do sliding scale at the moment, I do offer a 10% discount to BIPOC clients for all session packages.

I will ask for your payment up-front. Partial refunds can be negotiated if for any reason I am unable or unwilling to follow through on our agreements or you are unsatisfied with our exchanges.